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  • Network Security

    Network security has evolved from the days prior where a simple firewall setup was a secure setup. With the vastly larger attack surface both outside and inside a network, security has turned to a defense-in-depth strategy that includes scanning of data at the entrance to the network for intrusion detection, antivirus, antimalware, and spam, to scanning at the workstation level with both antivirus and antimalware as well.

  • Data Backup & Recovery

    The amount of data stored by the average business is incredibly large. Customer contacts, email, years upon years of client records, and so much more sit on hard drives in workstations and servers around your office. Unfortunately, unless that information is properly backed up it is all at risk. Hard drives do not last forever, and when they fail they could take vital information for your business with them.

  • Spam and Email Filtering

    Email is a valuable form of communication for modern professionals. However, with the growth in the popularity of email, there has also been an increase in spam email. Spam messages are an annoyance, and inhibit work performance and staff productivity. Additionally, spam is a major security concern as spam emails transmit viruses and initiate virus attacks.